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triple A verification.


Authentication forms the integral part of the higher education institution as more cross institution collaboration takes place around the globe. aid the transparency as a trusted third-party to confirm the collaboration agreements between two more institutions, and the institutions’ identities. All institutions must validate their identity with the respective institution and counter-party, agreements between them, and all documents related to the collaboration. 


Accreditation has become more important for  higher education institutions of all sizes as the mode of delivering programs has dramatically changed over the last decades. Distance, blended and vocational education have become increasingly more important. Recognition of prior learning has become more important than ever before. These have important ramifications on how higher education institutions conduct and delivery their programs, hence expanding the roles of quality accreditation agencies.


Assurance is an important professional service of, with the goal of improving or gaining greater context of information of higher education institution so that education stakeholders can make more informed decisions. work with different independent accreditation organisations to help improve higher education institutions’  reporting, support their compliance with counter-party institutions’ regulatory requirements and verifying the education contractual agreements. Our assurance approach, which is at the leading edge of best practice and draws upon our extensive higher education institutions’ knowledge, is tailored to suit the size and nature of any higher education institution.

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verifying and accrediting collaboration. is the trusted source of verification and accrediting higher education and collaboration agreements between two or more higher education institutions. is the de facto standard for higher education institutions who wish to demonstrate their commitment to transparency to education stakeholders. Since our inception in 2006, we have been working hand-in-hand with many higher education institutions around the global to raise the transparency standards for educators, parents and students.

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